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Broadband ADSL - Speeds of up to 40 times that of a standard modem!
Simply the best way to connect to the Internet - surfing the Web becomes a real pleasure. No more waiting to connect to read your email - click, you've got mail! Being fixed-cost means you can connect as often as you like without worrying about your phone bill - it won't tie up your phone line either, so it's ideal for the office.

  • Surf and talk on the same line at the same time
  • High-speed access to your email & the Web
  • Unlimited surfing time - stay connected as long as you like
  • We provide everything you need to get online

High-speed Internet for your Business!
Get your business connected to the high-speed Internet today, at less cost than you might think - prices start from only £24.99 per month. [go to Business Broadband ADSL]

Unmetered Connect
Connect provides the freedom to connect at whatever time of day you like, as often as you like with a standard modem or ISDN at 64kbps (BT line required). ConnectBiz gives you up to 84 hours dial access per week for just £39.99 a month, with prices starting at £19.99.
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For non-BT customers or those wishing to connect less frequently, standard dial services optionally include our range of added-value extras, including ISDN access at 64/128kbps.
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